Cara Carriveau

He Lived Long And Prospered. RIP Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock).

I admit it.  I’m a trekkie.  Not the kind that attends Star Trek conventions, but I do love to curl up and watch endless episodes.  And my son sure loves the newer movies.  Sad that we lost Leonard Nimoy today.  He was an artistic genius.  Acting, directing, poetry, photography…and singing. He passed away at 83 years old of chronic obstructive ... Read More »

Lady Gaga Stole The Oscars

Did you watch the Oscars?  Lots of long thank you speeches and beautiful dresses, as usual.  But this year there was Lady Gaga and frankly she stole the entire show.  She did an amazing tribute to The Sound Of Music and Julie Andrews.  Lovely.  Click HERE to watch. Read More »

We Are Frozen

Sure, there’s been a million video’s of people singing “Let It Go” from Frozen.  But since we really are frozen today I figured I’d share the cutest video I’ve found so far. By the way, I haven’t seen the movie yet.  I feel like I may be the only Mom on the planet who hasn’t.  My 9 year old son ... Read More »

Will there be school on Thursday February 19?

Considering that the wind chill will be between -20 and -30 degrees Thursday morning…similar to how cold it was when CPS and many other school districts closed school for two days last month…there’s a possibility of school being cancelled.  Check HERE for updated closing info.  A few schools have already announced that they are starting a few hours later or ... Read More »

Get A Dos Of Mexico

Sick of the snow and cold?  Yeah, join the club.  Nothing a dose (dos) of Mexico can’t fix.  I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to go from this… …to this… Every single weekday in February you have a chance at winning a Funjet Vacation getaway to RIU Cancun, Mexico!  Be sure to listen at 2pm (dos) weekdays to hear me ... Read More »

Macklemore Knows How To Get To Sesame Street

This is a perfect example of why parents love watching Sesame Street with their kids.  In this case, even without their kids.  Checkout Macklemore putting a new twist on his song Thrift Shop with Oscar The Grouch: Read More »


This week is incredibly cold and plenty of snow is on the way.  So naturally my kids are hoping for school to be cancelled.  Maybe your kids are just as hopeful.  If school is indeed cancelled you can find out by clicking HERE. Read More »

Sensory Friendly Christmas Celebration This Weekend

Visiting Santa at a mall can be too much to handle for some kids.  If your child is autistic, has special needs or is just sensory sensitive you’ve got a great option this weekend in Chicago.  There’s a Sensory Friendly Christmas Celebration at Pop! Store – 1131 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago – 11a-4p Saturday & Sunday (12/13&14). All children are ... Read More »